1888 - 1894. Studies in America

1888 - 1892 - Drew Theological School, Madison

On the 19th of October 1888, Peter Deunov enrolls for the Drew Theological School in the city of Madison (New Jersey State) as a special student. On the 15th of October 1890, the President of the Drew Theological School d-r Henry A. Buts signs infront of the notary of the New Jersy State a document saying that "Mr. Peter K. Deunov is a good student with strict attendance of the Drew Theological School. It is a official document given to Peter K. Deunov to serve him infront the immigration authorities who have to gie him permition to continue his studies in the Drew Theological School. With this permition after the two main student years 1888 - 1889, he continues his education there as an “additional” student – until May, 1892. On the 19th of that month, Petar Deunov receives only a certificate for finished course, due to his lack of marks in Ancient Greek language.



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The document from the 15th of October 1890, signed by d-r Henry A. Buts and A. B. Ratbun



The building of the Drew Theological School in the city of Madison (New Jersey State) 


1892 - 1894 - Boston university

On the 12th of October, 1892, Deunov enrolls without exam in the Theological faculty of the Boston university as a special student (without exam), under the number 1615.



Boston university


On the 15th of April, 1893 he finishes his university thesis for “The migration of the Teutonic Tribes and their inversion to the Christianity” under prof. Luther Tracy Townsend.


diplomna rabota

Facsimile of the heading page or the orriginal manuscript of the university thesis of the Peter Deunov


June 7th, 1893 – After one student year, Petar Deunov receives a diploma (Graduate of the School of Theology, Boston University) from the university, with which his three – year regular scholarship in the Theological faculty is acknowledged. It also gives him the advantages and rights of those, who finished that faculty. This includes the rank “Reverend”.




1893 - 1894 - During this year, Petar Deunov studies in the Medical faculty of the Boston University as a regular student. He visits only the first year of the four – year course of education. Until the end of that year, “Reverend Petar Deunov from Boston University” performs several lectures and sermons in Boston and New York.



 Offical note that sertifies that Peter Deunov is enrolled as a sudent for the 1893/94 school year

During the years of his studies his never forget his violin and continue to play. 

В американския печат от това време има кратки съобщения и отзиви за негови солови концертни изяви в методистки църкви през лятото и късната есен на 1891 година: „...Изпълнението на цигулка беше на много високо ниво и целият концерт имаше рядко въздействие върху всички присъстващи любители на хубавата и изискана музика“.

(The Newtown NY Register, 1891, July 9,16 and 23,p.5)

А в края на 1894 година, като възпитаник на Богословския факултет, „Преподобният Петър Дънов от Бостънския университет” изнася в Бостън и Ню Йорк няколко проповеди и лекции в  методистките църкви.




 The unknown Peter Deunov


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