Introduction to the Teaching of Byalo Bratstvo (Brotherhood of Light)

Peter Deunov, who is often called the Master, took the spiritual name of Beinsa Douno. He himself often referred to his word as “The New Teaching”. Definitely this is not a coincidence. The new, eternal revival as an universal path, judicious development, freedom, personal growth, harmony – these are the key themes in his word. It is difficult, even impossible, to explain integrally this teaching, which is dynamic in its essence. The difficulty comes from the necessity of using analogies; and the analogies presuppose the presence of experience. But how could you explain the world to the unhatched chick or to the unborn child? Most likely, it is not possible to do that by words, but only through the magic of music, which reaches the innermost places of the human soul and reveals the treasures that have been hidden there since the eternity.

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Житен клас
  • The Language;
  • Daniel Cion – Rabbi and Christian;
  • The new Druids .

Methods of the White Brotherhood

The White Brotherhood’s methods for work are variable. All of them are steps in the path of the Disciple in the Great School of Life. 

The Origin of the Teaching of the White Brotherhood in Bulgaria

In 1904, Peter Deunov moved permanently in Sofia – he lived at 66 Opalchenska Street. The change was of a particular importance both for him and for the movement that he established. That lodging on Opalchenska Street was the place where started the presentation of the so called talks. No official announcements were made about them, but the news was spread from person to person. In the beginning, the mechanism of talks was the same as at the gatherings – a personal invitation on the part of P. Deunov for a meeting or a dialogue, as through these acquaintances the number of the attendees grew up continually.
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