Traditional Celebrations

 The great souls, the Absolute beings, who have completed their evolution as human beings, constitute the Universal White Brotherhood. Тhey lead the humankind by means of Love and Wisdom along the path of perfection. The Universal White Brotherhood has the same influence as the Sun – it gives warmth and light, gives life, gives impulse. All great impulses in the history of humankind, which contributed to the genesis of cultures, have always originated from this Divine center. The disciples of the Master are called disciples of the Universal White Brotherhood, because they have an inner spiritual connection with this sacred Center, which is guided by Jesus.
All mystic brotherhoods on Earth, who have Love within, who are bearers of the Divine, have the support of the Universal White Brotherhood, and thus they are related to one another. The Universal White Brotherhood has its thousand-year old tradition. The traces have been kept among all nations, where it has been working. These are Brotherhood’s methods of work. The Master breathed new life and enlightened many of the traditions of the Universal White Brotherhood for us. We will mention some of them:
1. People on Earth have forgotten they are children of the Sublime Intelligent Origin. The disciples of the Universal White Brotherhood called one another brothers and sisters during the ages. This tradition suppressed the tribal and class distinctions, thus contributed to break off all fights, which had caused innumerable misfortunes to the humankind. The tradition has been restored and inaugurated among the disciples of the Master.
2. Another sacred tradition within the Universal White Brotherhood is the community. We do not have in mind a certain, external imitation, but rather those vivid sources of pure spiritual life, which are called oasis in the desert of life. The communities in the Brotherhood are organized under different forms. They always involve unity of the Spirit and a sense of oneness in our work in the name of Wholeness. They are based on Love and Freedom.
3. Other century-old tradition of the Universal White Brotherhood is the brotherly dinner. It is a symbol of communion with the Brotherhood. A mystic sense is hidden in the brotherly dinner. You will find the tradition of the brotherly dinner among all nations and societies, where the White Brotherhood has been working.
4. To ascend the mountain. When a soul awakens from the deep dream in the material world, it always casts a glance upward, towards the heights of the Spirit. Тhe mountain is an emblem of the awakening of the human soul, and at the same time it is a symbol of the Divine world, a sacred place, where the person ascends to obtain Powers and Light for one’s earthly pilgrimage.
It isn’t only a question of ascent from a physical point of view. The ascent implies an inner movement, analogical to the external one. The master held his most beautiful Words in the mountain. The mountain is a symbol of the Path of the disciple. Along the path, the disciple overcomes the inertness of matter, develops the supreme powers of one’s own nature, broadens the horizon of one’s mind and ideas, and achieves the Purity of heart.
5. The annual meeting of the brotherhood, which is called a gathering, is one of the ancient customs of the Universal White Brotherhood. These are bright celebrations for the disciples. The gatherings occur on fixed days, usually close to Nature. These are days for learning, applying and working, days of harmony and light, a recollection of the bright Divine home of the human soul. At that time, the workers of the Brotherhood from Heaven and Earth meet to work with joint efforts. These gatherings support the disciples throughout the year, and give them strength to overcome all hardships and to solve all forthcoming tasks. Тhe Master restored and inaugurated them for us since the very beginning of His work.
6. A sacred tradition of the Universal White Brotherhood is the meeting of the sunrise. The meeting of Sun is healthy both for the physical and spiritual life of people. It is not only an outward deed. People should be in a good frame of mind in order to receive the powers the Sun is giving away abundantly. The Sun represents the Divine life, which is rising unceasingly within the human soul.
7. Other tradition of the Universal White brotherhood is the so called celebrations of Nature. To enter into contact with the great Cosmic Life, to feel citizens of the whole Universe, to feel the rhythm of nature, the Master paid attention to the more important moments of his life. He says:
  • To us Nature is something great not only in its organization, but also in that intelligence and reasonableness that it manifests.
Important moments in the life of Nature are the spring and autumnal equinoxes, and the summer and winter solstices. The spring equinox on 22nd March is of a special significance, because at that time new powers come into action in the life of Nature. Therefore, from an astronomical point of view, 22nd March could be seen as a beginning of the New Year, as a beginning of a new period of creativity in the life of Nature. That day, the Sun enters into Aries.
  • The beginning of spring is celebrated as a symbol of that spring in the human soul and culture, which the person is longing for and anticipating as one’s cherished reverie.
  • The celebration of the summer solstice – 22nd of June, the longest day in the year – is another important moment in the life of Nature. The powers, which are at work in Nature, change at that time.
  • The autumnal equinox – 22nd of September – is important as a new change in life, a change that applies to all kingdoms of Nature.
  • The winter solstice – 22nd of December – is important because the day starts increasing and new powers are coming.
People should have knowledge of these moments and to conform to them during their outer and inner work. There is a particular correspondence between what happens outside – in the outer Nature, and what occurs within the human soul. For Life is uniform, united and indivisible. People are children of the Great Intelligent Nature. They participate in every moment of its life, they are connected with the powers, which are at work within it, they use these powers consciously or unconsciously, but it is preferable to do it consciously.